Why toy industry is shrinking in Japan ?

28.05.18 10:22 AM Comment(s) By alokjasmatiya99

toy industry in Japan

The toy industry is the result of post war situations which was initialized on the base of increasing the foreign currencies so that people can buy the food, shelter and clothes alike basic needs. Today Japanese toy industry is considered to be shrinking, because the number of children are also declining in Japan.

Still there are no major hit brands in the category of toys. Today the increasing use of mobile and smartphone games are also the reason for shrinking the market of toy and gaming industry. Today generally many outside country brands have been successful in gaining a significant market here in Japan market like - Mattel international, Lego Denmark etc.

There was a long era of time when the toy market was in Japan in the downward zone. After  the 2001 when the beyblade series toys were initiated the market got a boom of some time but again it could not stop the shrinking margin of the toy market of Japan. Again in 2004 the dragon quest games changed the scenario of the game and toy market.

The radio and remote controllable gaming devices are in the trending series. It is accountable for more than 10% of the market. Toy guns, radio devices, plastic models are in this category. These devices are in the choices of youth and children in their 20s or 30s.

Today in Japan, the software and PC games are still in trending. These are imported from USA, UK, Germany, Korea and China. Their export ratio is very high. There is also the fashion of the educational games trending and their export rate is very high.

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